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a day in the life of diapering

Over the past few months, before Gavin arrived, I decided to make the change to cloth diapers. I researched and researched and then I researched some more. The options of modern cloth diapering has skyrocketed since the days I was in cloth diapers. When I first mentioned it people who had previously used cloth were petrified for me.  I then go on to explain how much simpler they have become and still have great benefits your baby’s bum. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, it is!

After tons of research, did I mention that yet?  I finally decided to go with some FuzziBunz. I was hooked! They are so simple to stuff, then throw right on the babe. A friend of mine sent me a Thirsties duo wrap and this is also easy to use with a prefold diaper or insert.  Another thing I really like about Thirsties, is everything is American made. I would love to try more of their products.

Ok, I know, you say “What about washing? And all that poop?”  Let me tell you about a wonderful little wonder called the diaper liner. Oh, yes my friend pure genius! Basically all it is, is a biodegradable liner that you lay on top of the diaper, so it goes between the diaper and baby’s bum to catch the solids.  So once the little has pooped, you simply pick up the liner, with solid inside, and flush it. Yay no more poop in the trash. Come on, wouldn’t you rather pick up the liner and throw it in the toilet or have a rancid smelling house?

Then on to the washing. Now everyone has their own routine and everyone will tell you their way is best. Well, here is how I do it. Once I have a soiled diaper I throw it into my pail liner (all diaper companies have them) it is porous so that your diapers don’t end up moldy. Once I have a full bag I throw all the diapers, all of the inserts taken out of the diaper itself, and throw them in the wash with the bag. Then I do a rinse cycle with cold water. After the rinse cycle I put in a little bit of detergent. Now this is where you have to be very careful or you could ruin your diapers. NO FABRIC SOFTENER! I know you think, “Oh it goes on my little’s bum, just a little couldn’t hurt.” Yes it can! Would you prefer the diaper to absorb the pee or have a puddle everywhere your child plays? Fabric softener reacts with the fleece of the diaper and doesn’t make it absorbent anymore, don’t do it! Another important point is the type of detergent to use. Diaper companies have specific ones they sell, but you can also buy some familiar brands. You want to be careful of detergents with brighteners and dyes as they can bother little ones bum. A good one is ECOS a natural organic detergent and I can find it at Sams Club.  An entire list of recommended detergents can be found here. So, I put in a little bit of detergent and wash them on hot. Once that cycle is done I do another cold rinse cycle and done. I hang my covers up to dry and put my inserts in the dryer. Now, if it is nice weather the best way to dry them is in the sun. Natural bleaching for your inserts is a great way to get them fresh and clean.

So maybe I helped put some misconceptions at bay or you are even more disgusted by the thought of cloth diapering. I say it’s not for everyone, but for some it is a passion and to that I say, keep it up! If you do take a look you will find hundreds of people making the switch, it’s a growing trend. I think this is because it is beneficial to your baby, less rashes, and they are quicker to potty train. Also the fact that some of these diapers are just so darn cute! This is one I am planning to get my hands on soon

So cute!