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the nightmare on forrest rd.

If you read the blog, you know I just wrote one about cloth diapering.  Well, today one of the worst things happened when trying to wash a load of cloth diapers.

I was going to wash my load of diapers last night and fell asleep before I got to it. They were in the washing machine, (I already dumped them in and threw the bag in as well) a full bag in fact. This morning I turned on the first rinse cycle and went to church. We came home and I opened the lid to put in the soap for the wash cycle and something caught my eye. I think that’s weird, what could it be, these are cloth diapers. There was a white globby mess on the side of the washing machine. To my dismay it was the horrible little absorbent crystals from none other than a disposable diaper. AAAAHHHH! I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to run away to Disney World and forget my troubles. My stomach sank, as I thought back to yesterday when Eleanor was playing mommy with her baby doll. When she took the diaper off her baby she put it in the cloth diaper sack, as she sees me do it many times in a day. Why didn’t I remember? How could I do this to myself? I was petrified.

I left the mess and went to have lunch at my in-laws. After consulting with my mother in law, the cloth diaper expert, I had some ideas to work with. I got home and took all the diapers out and scooped out as much of the gunk as possible about six or seven handfuls. Yuck. Then I ran the machine on hot with nothing in it except the millions of crystals. I am going to let the diapers dry out and shake them off really, really good outside then wash them and hope all is well. The washing machine is currently going so we will see what happens when I open the lid. Just another day in the life, right? 🙂 Oh, I love my two-year old.

This is another site I found where a mom gives her rendition of what to do when this happens. I laughed, a lot. Washed Diaper