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a day in the life of diapering

Over the past few months, before Gavin arrived, I decided to make the change to cloth diapers. I researched and researched and then I researched some more. The options of modern cloth diapering has skyrocketed since the days I was in cloth diapers. When I first mentioned it people who had previously used cloth were petrified for me.  I then go on to explain how much simpler they have become and still have great benefits your baby’s bum. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, it is!

After tons of research, did I mention that yet?  I finally decided to go with some FuzziBunz. I was hooked! They are so simple to stuff, then throw right on the babe. A friend of mine sent me a Thirsties duo wrap and this is also easy to use with a prefold diaper or insert.  Another thing I really like about Thirsties, is everything is American made. I would love to try more of their products.

Ok, I know, you say “What about washing? And all that poop?”  Let me tell you about a wonderful little wonder called the diaper liner. Oh, yes my friend pure genius! Basically all it is, is a biodegradable liner that you lay on top of the diaper, so it goes between the diaper and baby’s bum to catch the solids.  So once the little has pooped, you simply pick up the liner, with solid inside, and flush it. Yay no more poop in the trash. Come on, wouldn’t you rather pick up the liner and throw it in the toilet or have a rancid smelling house?

Then on to the washing. Now everyone has their own routine and everyone will tell you their way is best. Well, here is how I do it. Once I have a soiled diaper I throw it into my pail liner (all diaper companies have them) it is porous so that your diapers don’t end up moldy. Once I have a full bag I throw all the diapers, all of the inserts taken out of the diaper itself, and throw them in the wash with the bag. Then I do a rinse cycle with cold water. After the rinse cycle I put in a little bit of detergent. Now this is where you have to be very careful or you could ruin your diapers. NO FABRIC SOFTENER! I know you think, “Oh it goes on my little’s bum, just a little couldn’t hurt.” Yes it can! Would you prefer the diaper to absorb the pee or have a puddle everywhere your child plays? Fabric softener reacts with the fleece of the diaper and doesn’t make it absorbent anymore, don’t do it! Another important point is the type of detergent to use. Diaper companies have specific ones they sell, but you can also buy some familiar brands. You want to be careful of detergents with brighteners and dyes as they can bother little ones bum. A good one is ECOS a natural organic detergent and I can find it at Sams Club.  An entire list of recommended detergents can be found here. So, I put in a little bit of detergent and wash them on hot. Once that cycle is done I do another cold rinse cycle and done. I hang my covers up to dry and put my inserts in the dryer. Now, if it is nice weather the best way to dry them is in the sun. Natural bleaching for your inserts is a great way to get them fresh and clean.

So maybe I helped put some misconceptions at bay or you are even more disgusted by the thought of cloth diapering. I say it’s not for everyone, but for some it is a passion and to that I say, keep it up! If you do take a look you will find hundreds of people making the switch, it’s a growing trend. I think this is because it is beneficial to your baby, less rashes, and they are quicker to potty train. Also the fact that some of these diapers are just so darn cute! This is one I am planning to get my hands on soon

So cute!


closet case

I have been slacking on my blogging, and for this I apologize. I am quite busy with all the schooling going on in this house, not to mention the very hungry two month old. There has been quite an uproar of bad behavior as well. I am sure a lot of it has to do with how much we are cooped up in this house. Thankfully I have a coupon for Pump it up, and it will pay for all of my kids to get in. We will be visiting them soon. We also have some grand ideas for field trips, but will need some extra money. So, they may or may not happen. As for now, we have been moving right along with school. In fact Dylan finished his math book for the year so I am going to replace it with a book for him to review everything we covered. He is really quite good at math, but just doesn’t like having to sit and use his brain.

I am also doing pretty good with school as of late. I am actually very proud of myself. I have been keeping up with everything and somewhat enjoying it, surprising I know. I decided to check my Degree Completion Plan Audit yesterday and noticed that I only have four semesters of school left. Which means after this year is over, I only have two semesters left. It’s amazing how quickly it all went. Of course I have life outside of school, a full life, and that keeps me busy. So, because I am almost done with school I find myself saying, “Now what?”  It’s kind of a weird feeling, I keep saying,”What will I do without having school to worry about?” I know most people would say, “Use your degree! Get a job!” Easy for you to say! I have four children and I am homeschooling them. All of this to say, Will and I have been talking and I am debating starting the Masters program once I finish my Bachelors. Yeah, I know, it’s a lot of work. Trust me, I have looked into it for quite some time now. Ultimately it will give me a greater advantage when I do start my job search and I will have more options when it comes to finding a job. The biggest plus for me is the fact that with a Masters I can be a licensed counselor. That is far more appealing than anything else. I don’t care to work for it. Anyway it’s something we are praying about and I know God will direct me on what to do.

Now on to the closet! Yes, I am actually going to talk about a closet, not just myself being a closet case. The school room closet has been a thorn in my side for far too long.  Having a super messy in the school room, of all places, is a bit of an issue when you home school. So, without further adieu here is the terrifying before.

Scary, right? After just a few minute of going through the clutter, I had it licked. I was surprised that it didn’t take me long at all, and I had some little helpers. The lovely after is here

all that empty space that you see will be shelving, just haven’t purchased it yet. So much nicer!! It makes me really happy, because I love things to be clean and set just right.

We also made a family tree the other day

This was a lot of fun.  The kids had a million ideas of how to make a tree and what it would look like. We decided on this and it didn’t take long to put it up. The longest part was putting all of the information. We are still working on putting all the family on, mostly because Will and I have a couple of questions. I thought in addition we could figure out all of our heritage together, basically what the kids are now, and have an appropriate dinner. I know German, Dutch and Swedish are major ones, so perhaps a dinner from one of these cultures could be a fun idea. I have English, French, and Irish (that’s just to name a few) on my side, so maybe we will have a few dinner nights to represent each one. Who doesn’t love food?

back to school

I originally started this blog as a means to keep track of our homeschooling adventure and have somewhat strayed.  Lets get back to the task at hand, shall we? In the midst of the homeschooling talk, we will also keep with daily life and the organizing train we have already started. More about that later.

I want to make sure that I post things pertaining to homeschooling for a few reasons. First off to let everyone know that we are actually doing school and surviving, such as my family and friends.  But I also want to make sure that I show other people who do not home school, or perhaps strongly disagree with it, that it is do-able and fun.  Maybe I can be an example for someone who suddenly becomes a home school fan, rather than finding it “weird” or anti-social.

Trust me when I was in high school I thought it was strange, perhaps even a little “old timey”.  But once I got to know some homeschoolers, heck some of my closest friends, I realized they are so incredibly normal!  Now do not get me wrong, there are some interesting people who home school, but there are interesting people who don’t home school.  My point is just because I home school my children does not make us bizarre or overly religious people, that don’t believe in girls wearing pants or cutting their hair. We wear pants and cut our hair! So there you have it, normal homeschoolers.

So, today was a first for me.  I turned in my son’s grades for the first semester.  I was a little nervous at first thinking, “They trust me to do this.” Then it dawned on me, they trust me to home school the kid, so I have to grade him too.  Anyway, with all the fear behind me I sat down with pen in hand and started the process.  5 A’s and 2 B’s.  Wow, that was easy! Fact is he is in first grade.  He can appropriately do the work and cooperates well.  Since I am the one controlling all factors of the schooling process, why wouldn’t he do well?

Needless to say, another simple process related to homeschooling.  Grades go in twice a year, once in January and once in June.  Simple.  You write out the grades and the amount of days school was done (typically 90 days per semester) then you sign and send. Love it.

Now we have taken an extra long Christmas break, mostly for baby G. I didn’t know when labor would happen and I wasn’t sure how long it would take us to adjust, typical new baby fears. I am also in the process of re-organizing our school room (the new table gets here Tuesday) and I want it to be done before we start back.  The start date is targeted for Monday the 16th, that’s when I start back as well. I figured why not have everyone on the same schedule, makes it easier for me anyway.

I am also starting the savings for all our curriculum for the next school year and I cannot wait to get it in.  Dylan will be starting 2nd grade and Cecilia Kindergarten.  She is so incredibly ecstatic it makes me excited.  Dylan’s curriculum will be based on history and can I just say, he is going to love it. We will be learning some great stories from our history and also reading some of my favorite books, like this one…

One of my all time favorite books in the world! I cannot wait to read it with him.  I do believe this is the first book to make me cry.

Cecilia’s curriculum also has a lot of good reading.  Which is good considering I am planning to teach her to read this school year. She has been begging to learn and I say its high time. She needs some more work on the letter sounds, but she is coming right along.

In all I would say we are doing really good with school.  I am actually more than ready to get back to work and I am excited for the 16th.  I have a lot of fun things in store for this semester and will keep you posted.

Now I am off to work on some organizing, will post soon.

a little side note

While it does look like my previous post that I quickly sorted through all of those things and ta-dah, I’m done. Well, no that is not the case. That was a project done throughout the course of the day while nursing and caring for a newborn as well as dealing and tending to other children.

In the meantime I did get a couple of other little projects done around the house I have been wanting to accomplish. First being the toys and such under Dylan’s bed.  I found some great storage bins to help with that. The other project being the girls hair “stuff” and jewelry re-organized.

Dylan has acquired many toy weapons over the years and I must say it has been quite difficult to find storage that I liked for them. Then I came across these adorable bins at Target.

I decided to grab two and I may go back for more.

Here is the before under his bed.


And of course I made him do the work. 🙂

And here ya go, all finished.


Next was onto the girls hair drawer.  This drawer has given me much grief over the past year.  When we first moved in I had set it up all nice and organized and over the next few months, it just got worse and worse.

I shudder at the sight of it!

Next I made piles of everything.

And sorted through it, to get this!

Now, while sorting through the thousands of hair bows, pony tail holders, and headbands, I realized there was a lot of stuff we don’t even use. Why was I letting it take up valuable space?

This is the pile of things we found 1. Don’t use. (baby head bands, she is now two) 2. Things that don’t work in their hair (don’t stay, too small, not enough stretch) So, we decided to sort those things out and just keep what we need.

After all of that we ended with a beautiful result.

Hair heaven! Isn’t it just bliss? I have to admit I love being able to sort things into compartments, maybe that OCD I spoke of?

I also went through their little bit of jewelry and sorted it in the next drawer. I also plan, one day, to put shelf paper in the bathrooms and kitchen. Just for added color a pizzazz.

Along with Cecilia’s precious make-up. 🙂 And the headbands fit nicely in here. These projects took me about 10 minutes each. So, just goes to show you, put about 20 minutes a day toward something and you can have a great end result.

Now off to make dinner!


One way or another

I haven’t been as diligent as I would have liked about posting, but I am trying. The latest news for us is we will be having a baby in 4-6 weeks! Oh yes, you read that correctly. I am just as shocked, yet very excited. We are still preparing ourselves for that arrival, and are pretty much ready.

In other news the wedding of my best friend is next Saturday (10/29). Needless to say we have been very busy preparing for that. There have been a lot of repairs and projects to finish up on the house. All in all, it has come a long way and looks great! Especially those stairs! 🙂

I have also registered for the next school semester, and I will need unending prayer during that time. Thankfully, I already have the books for my first two classes and have already started reading, to hopefully stay ahead.

Through all of these things I have been shown Gods amazing glory! He is such a gracious, loving, and wise God. I know that He can teach us in everyday things we encounter if we will only open our eyes to it. I am so wonderfully blessed, even though I do not deserve it. Now, that’s an amazing God!

As for that water bill….I am still dealing with it lol. It will be handled soon, right? 🙂

Ignorance and bliss

Let me just start out by saying, I have a very spoiled almost two year old.  She is also a complete mommy’s girl, with the occasional exception of when dad has something tasty to eat.  All of this said, we are expecting number 4 in beginning December.  I have been, what I hope is working, preparing her for the arrival of the little brother or sister.  Ultimately, she has no idea what is going on.


We decided it would be fun to watch Youtube videos of newborns, doing what newborns do.  Most of the videos were little ones crying until they were beet red in the face.  To all of this Eleanor was quite intrigued and didn’t look too thrilled with it.  At one point she even put her finger to her mouth as if to tell the screen baby to “hush”.


I am guessing for me this means I have A LOT more training to do. All in good time I say, but we are running out of precious time.  Perhaps as the cradle goes up and the baby clothes are washed and put away, we will be practicing with a baby doll to make it as real as possible.  And so I will leave you with this a glimpse into my future…..

Where to begin…

WARNING: This post is a hodge podge of events that have already happened, or are going to happen.  If you cannot handle reading something with bad structure or direction, then this post is not for you. It is all over the place. I promise the next one will be better. 🙂


It has been a long time since I have blogged, or even thought about blogging.  This makes it difficult to even know where to begin.  Considering a lot has happened in the few short months since I last posted, I have a lot to cover. In case no one knew, we are expecting. 🙂 Although, by now this is really old news. At the same time I have a lot to do when it comes to baby related items. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby, which means I need to have two sets of clothes ready to go. On that same topic, I have to locate the stored clothing, blankets, and other related items to clean and have ready. We were able to purchase the new car seat, and I must say I got a great deal on it.  We are still in need of a crib, but that shouldn’t be too difficult considering the baby will use the cradle for the first few months. With now only 14 weeks or less until this little bundle arrives, I am quickly realizing I am going to run out of time if I don’t get to it! All in all, we are ecstatic the kids included. It’s an exciting time, as we just love babies and what an awesome Christmas present.


On the topic of Christmas, I have already been doing my planning/shopping.  We planned ahead earlier this summer and actually had a Wii on layaway and have already paid it off and have it hidden in the gun safe. That is our big present this year. I have a few other odds and ends I want to purchase, but for the most part Christmas is done.  I am now on to food shopping for that day. I am wanting a big traditional lunch/dinner on Christmas Day. So I am planning to buy a turkey and all the delicious sides and desserts to go along with it.  So basically anything I can freeze I am trying to slowly acquire.  We want to have a nice traditional dinner so that any family that would like to come and hang out can, because with the new little one we aren’t planning to leave the house.  I must say, I am so excited for Christmas my absolute favorite holiday.

Also on the topic of Christmas we have a lot of housework to finish. We have some trim to paint, trim to put up, stairs to stain and poly, etc.  Why does this pertain to Christmas you ask?  Well, we are hosting a wedding in December! I am so very excited! My best friend, might as well be sister is getting married to her love and I am just thrilled for them both.


We had a crazy fun-filled summer, with swimming, cookouts, playing, growing, learning, stress, and some relaxing thrown in there.  I must admit by the middle of July, I was ready to fast forward straight to September and cooler weather.  I was excited when I finished my last class on August 19, which officially started my fall break and huge sigh of relief. In the same breath, we started school with the kids on August 4.  With that we have good days and bad days.  I have definitely determined that Dylan was not being challenged enough in school and we have dealt with a few issues even at home.  I find that the mundane tasks, he struggles with and complains about finishing it, even though he could finish it quickly. Now if he is doing something difficult, he has no problem finishing it quickly with no complaints.  I also have to say that I am so impressed with the reading technique provided with this curriculum.  He is becoming quite the avid reader and it makes me smile because he can now read simple books to his sisters.  Photo op to come soon.


More recent events have been all the medical issues we have had.  Will decided to do some yard work and broke out in a terrible case of poison ivy.  He literally had it head to toe, not fun.  On top of that he also has a rare form of eczema on his hands that decided to flare up at the same time as the poison ivy.  Needless to say, he was miserable. So right before his episode with all of this I was having issues with my eye.  The lower eyelid was swelling and we could not figure out why. I woke up one day to find the entire right side of my face swollen.  After contacting all of my practitioners they all said I needed to go to the hospital, so I got to wait in the ER for 4 hours to hear you have an infection take these antibiotics.  After 4 days of the medicine doing nothing, I got an appointment with my Primary and she gave me a stronger antibiotic. There was also a CT scan in there somewhere.  I would say that we are in the clear now.  We still aren’t sure why my eye decided to swell and I am praying it doesn’t happen again.  So while my eye was still swollen and hideous, I was desperately trying to figure out how to get my husband help for his ailments.  I called every dermatologist this side of Tennessee and finally we got him with someone the same day.  He was prescribed a steroid cream, which I got to drive all over to find.  All in all, we were so over doctor appointments, medicines and tests.  Ultimately, we are all healthy(?) again.


We are now just getting ourselves geared up for all the holidays and cannot wait! I am ready for scarves, chilly nights, and soups.  Most of all, I am ready for decorating! Thanks to Pinterest I have some awesome ideas and cannot wait to see how they turn out.


New goals are to post a blog at least once a week and keep things up to date.  The kids are starting soccer this week as well, so there will be a lot to talk about. Even with everything that is happening and is going to happen we are making it a point to keep God the center and continually thank Him for His unending love, compassion, and forgiveness.