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the tale of the redhead

So if none of you know the story; my husband has always wanted a redhead.  This seemed bleak, as you all know I have black hair.  What are the chances of us having a redhead? Well, not as rare as you think. My first three kiddos were all born with black hair, completely black. Then they all somehow acquired blond hair of sorts. Poor Cecilia had blond hair with black tips for the longest time.

Will and I also both have the recessive gene for red hair, my great-grandmother and one of his great aunt’s (I think), so not all hope was lost, but we just assumed it would never happen.

Then came Gavin. Our fourth little bundle of joy. At first we didn’t even realize what color he had, right after he was born I mean.  When they began to give him his first bath I gawked and said to will “IT’S BLOND!” He said, “what?’ We were completely taken aback. So, we were just thrilled with a little blondie and kept saying ya know it sure has some red in there.  This week at his one month check-up our doctor said “Oh I love his hair. My oldest daughter has red hair too.” Then we looked a bit closer and sure enough he has red hair!

Now I don’t know if you can see it very well in this picture, but I can. Especially when he is in the sunlight. To add to it, he has a bit of a raspy voice.  He is my own little Irish man, I love it.

As for school today…

Yeah, I don’t know.


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