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time, letters, and ice cream

Today was our first official day back to school since Christmas break.  I was dreading it.  I knew that having taken such a long break could not be good for anyone.  But ultimately it turned out great. I was thoroughly surprised.  We went right along with our reading, Dylan didn’t miss a beat, and Cecilia is continuing quite nicely with her writing. Although, math was quite frustrating today, he is finishing up a unit on time and he just doesn’t care for it much.

Science on the other hand was great.  We learned about our fingerprints and why we have them.  Then we made ice cream in ziploc bags, it was delicious. Not to mention the kids had a blast making it.

On the other hand I still have a sick toddler.  Unfortunately her fever just will not leave this house, resulting in a very moody, already moody child. I am hoping for some relief very soon, for the both of us.

My personal goals today (and this week):

*Keep track of studying

*catch up on laundry

*work on Project life album

Here is hoping I can do at least one of them fully. 🙂


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