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Yesterday was big for me. Okay, huge! I was able to organize all of my pictures on the computer. (Big sigh of relief) You have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that and just didn’t have the guts. I am sad to say that I could not figure out how to take a snapshot on my computer of my computer screen at the time to show you what I did, but oh well. Perhaps I am really good at describing things and you will picture it vividly. So, here we go.

First I made master files for each year, starting with 2005.  That’s when Dylan was born and ultimately when the picture-taking frenzy began.  So, I have master files from 2005 to 2012.  Now, in each of those files is a file for each month of the year. I got really lucky here because when I would scroll over the picture it would tell me the date I took it. Amazing! I think I could have jumped up and down from excitement. So, now I have everything chronologically placed and couldn’t be happier.

The next step is seeing what prints I already have and which ones I need to print out for scrapbooks and albums. Once I am caught up on the HUGE backlog of pictures then I will stay up to date each month of this year.  Basically that means I will try to upload pictures every week, then I will put them in the appropriate file and toss blurs, doubles, and bad lighting.  Then once January is over order those prints.

This is where the project life albums and materials come into play.  So much easier than scrap booking.  You pretty much put everything into pocket pages in a binder by month. So simple and fun!  Here is where you can get started: Project life

Now, this is my down fall at its best.  I am easily distracted when I have multiple things to do.  Add onto that the fact that school starts on Monday.  Aaah! Anyway, I decided a to-do list and a really good planner was needed to keep me on track.  I found super cute to-do list on a google search, to-do.

Then I found this beautiful, amazing, organized planner!


I first saw it on iheartorganizing and then I started seeing the huge buzz about how great it was. Now, a word to the wise, these suckers are not cheap, but I found a great deal.  It is an Erin Condren weekly life planner.  Not only is it absolutely adorable, with tons of designs available you can personalize it too.

Here is hoping that it will help me stay organized, or just keep from losing all sanity. Here I am again putting off that darn filing system.  I promise I will get back to it, at least I hope….that’s for another day.

Now, I am off to do laundry, get kids ready for Awana tonight, and study. Not so excited about that last part, but here is to a new year and staying ahead on my assignments. Prayer would be appreciated. 🙂

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