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Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

a new school room and other adventures

It was definitely an eventful weekend.  We had a lot of “want to’s” in mind, but obviously hours are very limited in the day with four kiddos 7 and under.  Yet, we were still able to accomplish quite a bit.

I have a great fault and that is once I get an idea of something I want to do, I want to accomplish every single project at once.  I often catch myself getting too far ahead of myself and saying, “Ok Jenn, chill!” Then I am snapped back to reality that I am not superwoman.

Anyway, the kids new school room table came in Saturday instead of the projected date of January 10.  Exciting! We quickly opened it up and got to work setting it up. We were able to find what we wanted at Ikea for 20 dollars.  Yes, you heard me right, 20 dollars!

A very simple crisp, clean white table.  Just perfect.  The next step was deciding where we actually wanted it.  Now, let me back up, here I go again getting ahead of myself. 🙂 This is what the before is. 

Not too bad, I know, but not at all what I was happy with.  It just wasn’t a good flow and all creativity was stifled.  Also the desk and table situations were not prime.  The picnic table was too small for any kind of work or painting.  The desk to the left there, well its slanted so everything falls off.  Anyway, we decided to go with this setup with the new table. 

So much nicer! As you can see the kiddos already love it! They are more drawn to it than before and that is my goal. I want a school room that my kids enjoy being in.

We also have more work in the school room, but that is set for later this week.

As for the rest of our weekend, I started to work on this monstrosity. 

Yes, I am ashamed to say this is supposed to be my craft closet.  Let’s just say that we never had a clear vision from the start and so the easy thing was to just “put” everything there to get an idea. In all actuality it led to a complete slump in my creative mind.  I despised this area in fact every time I walked past I had a pit in my stomach.  I would set things on top of the mountain of junk and just run the other way.

This weekend I decided to start the inevitable and begin to clear some of the mess. There was much to throw away and give away.  So, that was a start. 

This is just a start.  We are planning on putting a decorative wallpaper on the back wall, along with nice sleek shelving up the entire wall for storage.  We will also put some type of drawer units under the desk top for other storage.  I am excited about this project because that brings us to the next thing I decided to start organizing.

Yes, pictures.  I would say just what I have printed out comes to over 2,000 pictures. I have to organize them! It drives me crazy thinking all those pictures of my gorgeous babies are in folders.  I went through and threw away a lot of duds, blurred beyond recognition, and half prints.  I also organized them into categories.  I plan to make individual scrapbooks of each child through their first year, then I will put all other family pics into family scrapbooks. Yay! I cannot wait. I also need to organize all the hundreds of pictures on my computer and start getting prints to put in the scrapbooks.

I got some relaxation time on top of all that organizing as well. This week brings some more organizing and cleaning and I will continue to keep you posted.