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Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

a little side note

While it does look like my previous post that I quickly sorted through all of those things and ta-dah, I’m done. Well, no that is not the case. That was a project done throughout the course of the day while nursing and caring for a newborn as well as dealing and tending to other children.

In the meantime I did get a couple of other little projects done around the house I have been wanting to accomplish. First being the toys and such under Dylan’s bed.  I found some great storage bins to help with that. The other project being the girls hair “stuff” and jewelry re-organized.

Dylan has acquired many toy weapons over the years and I must say it has been quite difficult to find storage that I liked for them. Then I came across these adorable bins at Target.

I decided to grab two and I may go back for more.

Here is the before under his bed.


And of course I made him do the work. 🙂

And here ya go, all finished.


Next was onto the girls hair drawer.  This drawer has given me much grief over the past year.  When we first moved in I had set it up all nice and organized and over the next few months, it just got worse and worse.

I shudder at the sight of it!

Next I made piles of everything.

And sorted through it, to get this!

Now, while sorting through the thousands of hair bows, pony tail holders, and headbands, I realized there was a lot of stuff we don’t even use. Why was I letting it take up valuable space?

This is the pile of things we found 1. Don’t use. (baby head bands, she is now two) 2. Things that don’t work in their hair (don’t stay, too small, not enough stretch) So, we decided to sort those things out and just keep what we need.

After all of that we ended with a beautiful result.

Hair heaven! Isn’t it just bliss? I have to admit I love being able to sort things into compartments, maybe that OCD I spoke of?

I also went through their little bit of jewelry and sorted it in the next drawer. I also plan, one day, to put shelf paper in the bathrooms and kitchen. Just for added color a pizzazz.

Along with Cecilia’s precious make-up. 🙂 And the headbands fit nicely in here. These projects took me about 10 minutes each. So, just goes to show you, put about 20 minutes a day toward something and you can have a great end result.

Now off to make dinner!



beginning stages of taming the paper monster

Today I started my paper war.  I mean this very seriously, it is such a dislike of mine that I have put it off for years. I will admit I have always had a difficult time finding a system that truly works for us. We always end up with crazy piles of paper that end up taking over my desk, the car, and the kitchen counter. I absolutely despise anything not kitchen related taking up space on my counters. Perhaps I’m a little OCD. 🙂

So, first things first. I found a great magazine article in Better Homes and Gardens, that just about made me scream from excitement. A paper management system that was so easy and do-able, why didn’t I think of this?  I am very guilty of getting mail or paperwork and then piling it somewhere and forgetting about it or not being able to find it. That was getting very old, especially if it was extremely important paperwork, like a paycheck!

This article gave such great steps and for different types of paper organizers, I happen to be a stacker or piler.

The idea is to have a paper processing center and to make sure you use it as soon as you check the mail.

All papers, once opened, go into an inbox.

like this

Then you need something they call an action file. Which is basically somewhere to sort out whatever is in the inbox.  They had a few different ideas and I liked this one best because I like to stack things. I picked these up at Target for just 1.97 for a 2 pack. Because I only needed three I decided to use the fourth one for storing my printing paper.

Then you label these as do now, do later, and pending.

Now it is important to know the meaning of each of these files.

Do now is for anything that should be dealt with in a weeks time. Such as bills, permission slips, or RSVP’s.

Do later is for anything that can be dealt with in three months time. Like vacation fliers, refinancing offers, or a catalog you want to buy something from.

Pending is for items awaiting response. Things like receipt for a mail ordered purchase that hasn’t arrived.

I found these cute labels in my mountain of scrap booking stuff and thought they would work great!

I taped them on and voila!

Finally came the part where I could start the piling. 🙂

And all of this…

Went here.

Now whatever is left in the inbox needs to be filed right away. Anything that was garbage or junk went into my new little friend. 🙂 I have been meaning to obtain a paper shredder for far too long now.  It is so exciting to put that paper in and hear it being destroyed. It’s the little things.

However I haven’t gotten my new filing system up and running, yet. I plan to start on that tomorrow and then I will hopefully have all this crazy paper under control.