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I haven’t been as diligent as I would have liked about posting, but I am trying. The latest news for us is we will be having a baby in 4-6 weeks! Oh yes, you read that correctly. I am just as shocked, yet very excited. We are still preparing ourselves for that arrival, and are pretty much ready.

In other news the wedding of my best friend is next Saturday (10/29). Needless to say we have been very busy preparing for that. There have been a lot of repairs and projects to finish up on the house. All in all, it has come a long way and looks great! Especially those stairs! 🙂

I have also registered for the next school semester, and I will need unending prayer during that time. Thankfully, I already have the books for my first two classes and have already started reading, to hopefully stay ahead.

Through all of these things I have been shown Gods amazing glory! He is such a gracious, loving, and wise God. I know that He can teach us in everyday things we encounter if we will only open our eyes to it. I am so wonderfully blessed, even though I do not deserve it. Now, that’s an amazing God!

As for that water bill….I am still dealing with it lol. It will be handled soon, right? 🙂


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a mother, wife, friend, daughter, student and now teacher.

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