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Ignorance and bliss

Let me just start out by saying, I have a very spoiled almost two year old.  She is also a complete mommy’s girl, with the occasional exception of when dad has something tasty to eat.  All of this said, we are expecting number 4 in beginning December.  I have been, what I hope is working, preparing her for the arrival of the little brother or sister.  Ultimately, she has no idea what is going on.


We decided it would be fun to watch Youtube videos of newborns, doing what newborns do.  Most of the videos were little ones crying until they were beet red in the face.  To all of this Eleanor was quite intrigued and didn’t look too thrilled with it.  At one point she even put her finger to her mouth as if to tell the screen baby to “hush”.


I am guessing for me this means I have A LOT more training to do. All in good time I say, but we are running out of precious time.  Perhaps as the cradle goes up and the baby clothes are washed and put away, we will be practicing with a baby doll to make it as real as possible.  And so I will leave you with this a glimpse into my future…..

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  1. You know this made me laugh!


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