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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ignorance and bliss

Let me just start out by saying, I have a very spoiled almost two year old.  She is also a complete mommy’s girl, with the occasional exception of when dad has something tasty to eat.  All of this said, we are expecting number 4 in beginning December.  I have been, what I hope is working, preparing her for the arrival of the little brother or sister.  Ultimately, she has no idea what is going on.


We decided it would be fun to watch Youtube videos of newborns, doing what newborns do.  Most of the videos were little ones crying until they were beet red in the face.  To all of this Eleanor was quite intrigued and didn’t look too thrilled with it.  At one point she even put her finger to her mouth as if to tell the screen baby to “hush”.


I am guessing for me this means I have A LOT more training to do. All in good time I say, but we are running out of precious time.  Perhaps as the cradle goes up and the baby clothes are washed and put away, we will be practicing with a baby doll to make it as real as possible.  And so I will leave you with this a glimpse into my future…..


Where to begin…

WARNING: This post is a hodge podge of events that have already happened, or are going to happen.  If you cannot handle reading something with bad structure or direction, then this post is not for you. It is all over the place. I promise the next one will be better. 🙂


It has been a long time since I have blogged, or even thought about blogging.  This makes it difficult to even know where to begin.  Considering a lot has happened in the few short months since I last posted, I have a lot to cover. In case no one knew, we are expecting. 🙂 Although, by now this is really old news. At the same time I have a lot to do when it comes to baby related items. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby, which means I need to have two sets of clothes ready to go. On that same topic, I have to locate the stored clothing, blankets, and other related items to clean and have ready. We were able to purchase the new car seat, and I must say I got a great deal on it.  We are still in need of a crib, but that shouldn’t be too difficult considering the baby will use the cradle for the first few months. With now only 14 weeks or less until this little bundle arrives, I am quickly realizing I am going to run out of time if I don’t get to it! All in all, we are ecstatic the kids included. It’s an exciting time, as we just love babies and what an awesome Christmas present.


On the topic of Christmas, I have already been doing my planning/shopping.  We planned ahead earlier this summer and actually had a Wii on layaway and have already paid it off and have it hidden in the gun safe. That is our big present this year. I have a few other odds and ends I want to purchase, but for the most part Christmas is done.  I am now on to food shopping for that day. I am wanting a big traditional lunch/dinner on Christmas Day. So I am planning to buy a turkey and all the delicious sides and desserts to go along with it.  So basically anything I can freeze I am trying to slowly acquire.  We want to have a nice traditional dinner so that any family that would like to come and hang out can, because with the new little one we aren’t planning to leave the house.  I must say, I am so excited for Christmas my absolute favorite holiday.

Also on the topic of Christmas we have a lot of housework to finish. We have some trim to paint, trim to put up, stairs to stain and poly, etc.  Why does this pertain to Christmas you ask?  Well, we are hosting a wedding in December! I am so very excited! My best friend, might as well be sister is getting married to her love and I am just thrilled for them both.


We had a crazy fun-filled summer, with swimming, cookouts, playing, growing, learning, stress, and some relaxing thrown in there.  I must admit by the middle of July, I was ready to fast forward straight to September and cooler weather.  I was excited when I finished my last class on August 19, which officially started my fall break and huge sigh of relief. In the same breath, we started school with the kids on August 4.  With that we have good days and bad days.  I have definitely determined that Dylan was not being challenged enough in school and we have dealt with a few issues even at home.  I find that the mundane tasks, he struggles with and complains about finishing it, even though he could finish it quickly. Now if he is doing something difficult, he has no problem finishing it quickly with no complaints.  I also have to say that I am so impressed with the reading technique provided with this curriculum.  He is becoming quite the avid reader and it makes me smile because he can now read simple books to his sisters.  Photo op to come soon.


More recent events have been all the medical issues we have had.  Will decided to do some yard work and broke out in a terrible case of poison ivy.  He literally had it head to toe, not fun.  On top of that he also has a rare form of eczema on his hands that decided to flare up at the same time as the poison ivy.  Needless to say, he was miserable. So right before his episode with all of this I was having issues with my eye.  The lower eyelid was swelling and we could not figure out why. I woke up one day to find the entire right side of my face swollen.  After contacting all of my practitioners they all said I needed to go to the hospital, so I got to wait in the ER for 4 hours to hear you have an infection take these antibiotics.  After 4 days of the medicine doing nothing, I got an appointment with my Primary and she gave me a stronger antibiotic. There was also a CT scan in there somewhere.  I would say that we are in the clear now.  We still aren’t sure why my eye decided to swell and I am praying it doesn’t happen again.  So while my eye was still swollen and hideous, I was desperately trying to figure out how to get my husband help for his ailments.  I called every dermatologist this side of Tennessee and finally we got him with someone the same day.  He was prescribed a steroid cream, which I got to drive all over to find.  All in all, we were so over doctor appointments, medicines and tests.  Ultimately, we are all healthy(?) again.


We are now just getting ourselves geared up for all the holidays and cannot wait! I am ready for scarves, chilly nights, and soups.  Most of all, I am ready for decorating! Thanks to Pinterest I have some awesome ideas and cannot wait to see how they turn out.


New goals are to post a blog at least once a week and keep things up to date.  The kids are starting soccer this week as well, so there will be a lot to talk about. Even with everything that is happening and is going to happen we are making it a point to keep God the center and continually thank Him for His unending love, compassion, and forgiveness.