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back in the saddle

Today was the first day of being back into the full-swing of things.  We were all up  and at it first thing this morning (7:30 to be exact, which already puts us behind) the usual getting dressed, eating breakfast, and running out the door. Dylan makes it to school, on time too. The girls and I make it home to do usual chores and play. Once we got Dylan from school it was non-stop running and we barely left the car. We went by Will’s work to pick up the paycheck, a weekly ritual. Obviously, made a trip to the bank to deposit said check. Then we headed to the store to get some groceries. From the store we went straight home to put away the groceries and grab Cecilia’s dance stuff. I then HAD to grab a snack for the kids, according to Dylan. We made a mad dash for dance and immediately went to the bathroom so all the kids could potty and so I could get Cecilia dressed for dance. She was still late to class. I then chased a one year old around and tried to keep a hungry six-year-old as happy as I possibly could for the next thirty minutes. We then all saddled up for home and got right to making dinner and I must say by this time the stress was mounting. Considering, I was thinking of school I had to accomplish by midnight. We finished dinner and got everyone ready for bed and I was able to sit down and take a breath! At the end of the day, I stop and think of how blessed I am despite the craziness and overwhelming stress. My kids can run, play, and eat without assistance of some kind of medical device, they do not have regular medications and laugh on a regular basis. 

Ultimately this picture sums it up. I look at this face, covered with food and just smile. I couldn’t be happier.

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