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i only thought it right.

this blog is almost entirely made up of my children so I only thought it right to introduce them.

First up is the handsome and yet temperamental Dylan. He just recently turned six and I must say he is quite resistant to pretty much everything. He thoroughly enjoys Star Wars, motorcycles, and measuring things with the tape measure. He aspires to be just like his Daddy when he grows up (adorable) and work at the shop. All in all he is a humorous and energetic kid. He can also be very sweet when he wants to be (not very often) although he is the most compassionate person I know.


Next up is the precious and oh, so delicate Cecilia. She is by far the sweetest (with a bite) little three year old. From a baby you could look at her with a scowl and she would burst into tears especially if it was Dad. I always feared having a girlie girl and I got one. She is the epitome of girl from her dress up stuff to her dance class and undying love of make-up. Yet, she aspires to be just like me.  She has always been a helper and free-spirit. Often times you find her in her own little world (which I LOVE). She can also turn anything into a song, in other words, it’s quite a musical house.

Last, but not least is my Eleanor. She is the baby of the family and it is very obvious. She is just a little spoiled. Born just a week before Christmas she is one of THE best Christmas presents I have ever received. She is also quite the trooper. She had RSV and Pneumonia at just 4 weeks old and came through perfectly. After days of breathing treatments and watching her like a hawk throughout the night we thankfully avoided the hospital. She also survived a move into our new house at almost two months old. Needless to say she has endured many things at such a young age so she is used to a lot of activity. She can be girlie, but is mostly feisty (just like her Momma).  For only 13 months she is very independent (like her brother). All in all she is coming right along and should be speaking clear words any day now.

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