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I am also a student. I have been trudging through school for more years then I care to share. Ultimately I am seeing an end in sight and I am so relieved. I start back to classes on Monday and looking forward to it, yet I know I am going to miss this amazing break I have had. Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

I started college the fall after I graduated from High School and I must say I was not prepared. Not in the least. I graduated on May 17, 2003 and my Great Aunt (whom was like a second mother to me) passed away May 18,2003.  I never fully dealt with all the emotions of losing someone so close to me and so needless to say starting college with a full load wasn’t a great idea. I ended up withdrawing from my classes just a couple of months later.

The following spring my then boyfriend and now husband graduated from High School and that Summer we were married and just shortly after that we had our precious baby boy. Couldn’t be happier and then I started to realize what am I going to do with my life. Not that I wasn’t happy being a mother, just that I always knew I wanted a degree. So I started the long hard fight to get back into school and began attending UTC for Pre-Med. I soon realized that wasn’t possible with a one and a half year old. So I then changed my major to Education then Nursing.  I then left UTC and started attending Chattanooga State for Nursing.  In the midst of these Degree changes and College changes I had another precious baby.  I became pregnant again and that is when I decided to take a year off of school (or so I thought) until after the baby was born.

I had my second baby girl and was dreading going back to school. Mostly because at Chattanooga State they treat everyone like they are children.  I didn’t feel like being disrespected just because I needed time away to have a baby. I started doing some research and came across Liberty University.  Now you may say to yourself “wait a minute Jenn, thats in Virginia.” Yes, it is. Luckily they have an amazing online program. I LOVE it!! I did end up changing my major once again this time to Psychology. I am very happy with it and the degree program has me on track to be finished very soon and perhaps even obtain my Masters. I haven’t been happier with school, ever.


“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” Proverbs 31:17

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a mother, wife, friend, daughter, student and now teacher.

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